Accessing recent and relevant publications by Malawian researchers in various fields is a challenge due to the scattered nature of publications across multiple sources and distribution means.

As a result, researchers and students seeking publications face a daunting task of consulting multiple sources, which consumes a significant amount of time and effort, without the assurance of finding relevant publications.

This challenge highlighted the need for a centralized and comprehensive repository of Malawian research, to provide easy access and promote knowledge sharing among researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders.

And most impontantly, it is free for researchers to register on the platform.

Key Features

The platform consists of the following key features.

  • Paper sharing:
    Registered Users are capable of uploading and share their own research papers on the platform, making them easily accessible to other researchers. This feature allows researchers to share their work with others in their field, making it easy for other researchers to find and access local publications. Researchers have the ability to upload papers in different formats (PDF, Word, etc...) and also add keywords and an abstract for better search-ability.

  • Q & A:
    Researchers can ask and answer questions related to their field of study, allowing for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. This feature will foster a community of researchers who can share their expertise and experience, making it easy for researchers to find the answers they need. Also, researchers can use this feature as a way to share their research findings and get feedback from peers.

  • Collaboration:
    Researchers can connect with other scientists and scholars on the site, facilitating collaborations and partnerships. This feature will make it easy for researchers to connect with other researchers in their field, making it easier for them to work together and share their knowledge. Researchers will be able to connect based on their research interests, and also can communicate with each other via the platform.

  • Research Metrics:
    Provide metrics on the impact of a user's research, such as the number of times a paper has been viewed or downloaded. This feature allows researchers to see the impact of their research, helping them to gauge its relevance and popularity. Researchers are also capable of tracking the number of citations for their papers, which is an important metric for research impact.

  • Profile Management:
    Users can create a profile on the platform, which allows them to showcase their research, publications, and other achievements. This feature will make it easy for researchers to share their work and connect with other researchers in their field. Users will also be able to list their publications, research interests and their areas of expertise, which helps other researchers to find them more easily.

  • Groups and Networks:
    Researchers can join or create groups and networks, which are communities of researchers who share a common interest or belong to the same organization or field. This feature will make it easy for researchers to connect with others who share their interests, making it easier for them to work together and share their knowledge.

Important Notice

Please note that Malawi Research Hub does not function as a publishing entity and therefore does not have the capacity to accept articles or papers for publication. However, our members can conveniently track their publications, securely store private copies, and make their published or unpublished work accessible to the public via the platform.

"Connecting researchers, advancing knowledge"